All of our best practice, monitoring and impact reports are available below to download.

General Reports:

Urban Climate Proofing Lay-persons Report
Project overview outlining the purpose and context, key activities and lessons learned.

Urban Climate Proofing Full Report
Full project report; including management systems, technical progress, dissemination of activities and full project evaluation.

Implementation & Engagement:

Implementation Guide
A practical guide outlining climate adaptation opportunities for housing providers across Europe. Written to enable easy replication.

Community Engagement Report
A report outlining the importance of community engagement during project implementation and delivery.


University of East London Monitoring Report 1
August 2015- May 2016

University of East London Monitoring Report 2
June 2016- September 2016

University of East London Monitoring Report 3
October 2016- September 2017


After Life Communications Plan
A plan outlining ongoing communications and marketing actions following project completion.

Green Team Case Study
Case study outlining the benefits of creating employment opportunities through climate proofing.

Social Return On Investment Report
Report outlining the project’s Social Return On Investment (SROI)